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#ASEchat 117 “If you and your students could work on any project, what would it be?”

Monday 9th September 2013 with @cleverfiend

There was a lot of chat and I have teased out the ideas that can be taken away below.  As with any of the chats a full transcript is available from the ASEchat page (my copy is here) 

Significant points and top tweets

  • Viciascience suggested OPAL type activities where students could contribute data to a genuine survey or investigation.  Gregtheseal agreed he would like to do a biodiversity survey of the school site.
  • Mr_D_Cheng would love to get down to food tech and do something that students experience with all their senses (or beer/wine making for sixth formers).  Sourdough came up as another suggestion
  • DrBiol suggested growing chilli plants and testing the strength of the peppers.  Other participants liked this idea (and several chatters came up with ways of testing the capsaicin content)
  • Cleverfiend said he had tested carrier bags and food bags but they had turned out to be much stronger than expected!
  • Mrgpg said that during his PGCE he had investigated “Do birds poo more on blue cars than any other colours?”
  • Mrgpg also felt it was important to distinguish between practical skills and experimentation!
  • Gregtheseal asked if there were any good apps that could be used to aid identification in the field. 

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