ASE chosen as official charity partner for Science Fiction anthology book

Last year, when acclaimed historian/philosopher Yuval Noah Harari opined last year that science fiction today is the most important artistic genre, he certainly made a good point. “It shapes the understanding of the public on things like artificial intelligence and biotechnology, which are likely to change our lives and society more than anything else in the coming decades.”

As an organisation that exists to support excellence in science education, we feel that any medium that has the potential to improve the public understanding of, and appetite for education around, science is a good thing. This is why we are delighted to have been chosen as the official charity partner for a new anthology of science fiction short stories.

Published by specialist charity publisher TL;DR press, Beneath Strange Stars will feature a series of short stories from a committed community of amateur writers based on science fiction themes. Pervious partners of TL;DR anthologies have been Doctors Without Borders and True Colours United, and we at the Association for Science Education greatly appreciate the opportunity to be part of this community.

Alistair Strayton, head of marketing and communications at the ASE, said: “I’m thrilled that TL;DR have asked us to be part of this journey. Any medium that can engage young minds in thinking about the potential around science – and encourage a desire to better understand how that potential might be realised – is absolutely something that we at the ASE support. I’m really looking forward to reading what the TL;DR community can come with.”

Copies of the anthology are now available in the ASE Bookshop.