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Programme Announced - ASE Scotland Annual Conference 2017

Wed. 12/10/16

We're delighted to announce that the Conference Programme has just been published for the ASE Scotland Annual Conference 2017 and is now available to download.

Leadership Opportunity: Head of Curriculum Science

Mon. 10/10/16

We wanted to let ASE members know about this exciting leadership opportunity from one of our key partners. Please share with colleagues who may be interested.

Programme now online for ASE Annual Conference 2017

Mon. 03/10/16

Every year, the ASE Annual Conference brings together education professionals for a series of inspiring talks, sessions, and workshops. Our annual conference will be returning to the University of Reading from 4th to 7th January 2017.

Could you represent UK science teaching?

Fri. 30/09/16

Science on Stage is a network of school and college teachers across Europe, sharing practice and ideas. In 2017 the European festival will be held in Debrecen, Hungary from 29 June to 2 July and the UK will be represented by 12 teachers showcasing their winning projects.

Featured KS2 Resource: Why you'll never catch smallpox

Fri. 30/09/16

Our last featured activity this week pulls together all the learning across the Why You’ll Never Catch Smallpox resources and encourages children to apply what they’ve learned to a discussion about health and disease today.

Featured KS2 Resource: Measles Alert

Thu. 29/09/16

Today’s featured resources tasks your 9-11 year old children with stopping an outbreak of measles using their maths, science and research skills.

Featured KS2 Resource: History Detectives

Wed. 28/09/16

This resource incorporates links to both the history and English curriculum by encouraging children to become detectives to uncover what really happened in the case of James Phipps, the first child to be vaccinated against smallpox.

Featured KS2 Resource: The Speckled Monster

Tue. 27/09/16

Today we are focusing on “The Speckled Monster” resource which consists of three activities designed as an introduction to smallpox, and the development of vaccinations resulting from Edward Jenner’s ideas, investigations and collection of evidence.

Featured KS2 Resource: JAMES the Film

Mon. 26/09/16

Featured resource: Transport your pupils back to a time when smallpox stalked the world and introduce them to Dr Jenner, James Phipps, and the experiment that has probably saved their lives...

Government Response: Make STEM teacher recruitment a priority

Wed. 21/09/16

We've made a joint response alongside key stakeholders to the Government urging them to keep STEM teachers on the Shortage Occupation List.

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