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Happy World Poetry Day!

Mon. 21/03/16

To celebrate world poetry we're giving away a free poem by Michael Rosen and activity to get children using their literacy, numeracy and science skills.

Do you know why you'll never catch smallpox?

Fri. 11/03/16

We've launched a set of resources to help pupils learn about Dr Edward Jenner's pioneering work with smallpox vaccination and the impact of vaccinations today. The resources are accompanied by a short drama film and aim to develop children's skills in 'working scientifically', mathematics, English, history, drama and ethics.

WANTED: Editor for the Journal of Emergent Science

Wed. 09/03/16

We are seeking an editor for our open access journal which provides a forum for all those interested in Early Years science. The journal is published twice a year.

Joint Statement on reproduction and human development

Mon. 07/03/16

Are you unsure about what to cover on puberty and SRE through science & PSHE at Primary level?

We have created guidance, in partnership with the PSHE Association, to inform teachers, school leaders and governors about what the science curriculum requires in respect to sex education and the vocabulary that supports this teaching and learning.

Research Week: Anna tell us about her work as an epidemiologist

Fri. 04/03/16

Our last featured researcher this week is infectious diseases epidemiologist, Anna Roca. Anna tells us about what led her to work on one of the biggest challenges in global health.

Anna's work at the MRC Unit in The Gambia, means that her family - husband (Joan) and two daughters (Aina 10 and Julia 7) - have spent more than a decade living in Africa.

Research Week: Angela explains what isotopes can tell us

Thu. 03/03/16

Today's featured researcher is Isotope Geochemist, Dr Angela Lamb whose research shed light on the lifestyle of King Richard III, the famous king found in a Leicester car park in 2012.

Research Week: Kimberly explains what disease, drones and deforestation have in common

Wed. 02/03/16

Day three of our research week and we are delighted to have today's featured researcher, Dr Kimberly Fornace, tell us about how she spends her time doing fieldwork to try to understand the spread of disease and trying not to crash drones!

Research Week: Stephanie tells us about research into hospital outbreaks

Tue. 01/03/16

This week we are featuring researchers who have shared their stories about what attracted them to a career in science. Today, Professor Stephanie Dancer, tells us about how her work preventing patients getting infections in hospitals. Stephanie is a Consultant Microbiologist and Professor of Microbiology.

Research Week: Beth tells us about life as a Plant Scientist

Mon. 29/02/16

This week we are celebrating cutting-edge research in the classroom and we have some real life researchers share their stories about what attracted them to a career in science. Today, Plant Research Scientist, Dr Beth Penrose, shares her story about how she moved from studying art to discovering her a passion for science.

ASE Statement: Primary Assessment

Wed. 17/02/16

ASE releases a statement today to summarise good assessment practice for primary and cross-phase practitioners.

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