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ASE attends a Royal Buckingham Palace Garden Party

18 May 2017

ASE attends a Royal Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Two long-serving members of staff, Karen Shoebottom and Stephen Fyles* (pictured right), attended the first Royal Garden Party of 2017 at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday with the Association’s Patron, Prince Philip, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. 

Upon the announcement of Prince Philip’s retirement from public duties last week, we wanted to thank him on behalf of all our members for his contribution to the Association and wider commitment to the advancement of science, technology and engineering.

Prince Philip has been the Association’s Patron since its formation in 1963 by the merger of the Science Masters Association and the Association of Women Science Teachers. In April 1963, the Prince delivered an address in the Great Hall of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Many of the comments made in that address, resound as much today as they did 54 years ago.    

“Like science itself, the teaching of science must be continually on the move, adding the new found facts and laws to its curriculum and also devising progressively better teaching methods. Even more important it must be the means of feeding back into succeeding generations the attitudes to science which will ensure that our civilisation uses science in the right way… In the long run, I am quite convinced that the organisation which can organise this feedback and which will contribute most to the standard and direction of science teaching in the future is your Association, of which I have the honour and pleasure to be Patron.“ 

You can read the full address here.

*Stephen has worked as part of the finance team since 1973 and Karen has worked in many roles across the organisation since 1994.