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ASE Congratulates Science Students on A Level Results

17 August 2017

As hundreds of thousands of students receive their final A Level grades, we wanted to congratulate them on their hard work (as well as the teachers that support them!). 

This is the first set of results since A Levels moved to linear examinations, and a separate practical endorsement was introduced for science A Levels. 

Notes on Science A Levels 2017: 

  • Biology and Chemistry remain in the top 5 A Levels taken across the UK. [1] 
  • Overall there has been a slightly higher uptake in the total number of science A Levels being taken on average across the UK. 
  • Although the overall proportion of A* and A grades increased between 2016 and 2017, this was not the case for science A Levels which have experienced a slight drop in Biology from 27.1% to 26.2%, in Chemistry from 31.9% to 31.7%, and in physics from 29.6% to 29.2% . There was a small variance between male and female students attainment at A*- A. [2] 
  • In terms of the practical endorsement, there was a 98.2% pass rate [3], however concerns continue to be raised as to whether this devalues practical skills.[4] 
  • We also note that the AS Level has not been decoupled in Wales and Northern Ireland, but the weighting has decreased from 50% to 40%.

A Level Science 2017

Table 1. Science Breakdown on Percentages of Subject Results by Grade and by Gender from Joint Council for Qualifications 

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