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ASE Elections -the results are in

18 July 2014

Corinne has extensive experience of science education and has worked at a strategic level.  She understands and can advise on how science education can be further developed, particularly within the context of whole school improvement and a changing educational landscape.

We are delighted to announce the election results for 2014/2015 and give a warm welcome to the new Chair-Elect of the Association and newly elected members of ASE's Council, Assembly and Committees.

New Chair-Elect of the Association – Corinne Stevenson

Corrinne has served as chair of the National Advisers and Inspectors Group (NAIGs) and is School Improvement Partner in a London Borough. Find out more about the role of the Chair-Elect.

Council (Trustee) Member – Richard Needham CSciTeach

Richard's dedication to the promotion of science education, his ASE past experience and his science education knowledge makes him an ideal candidate

Richard is a former Chair of the Association and a representative member of SCORE. He is the Managing Director of Vicia Learning Solutions. Follow him on twitter @vicialearning

Assembly Member – Linda Needham CSciTeach

Linda is an Education Consultant developing curriculum materials and delivering CPD, having also been part of the National Strategies science team. She is a highly valued member of the ASE Yorkshire and the Humber region. Follow her of twitter @NeedhamL56Welcome to newly elected members of our national committees!

Linda is a constant protagonist for bettering the Science education of children. 

Council also approved the newly elected members to the National Committees and Specialist Groups – Click here for a full list of members of each of the Committees/Groups.