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ASE responds to the Science and Technology Committee Inquiry

20 May 2011

On May 11, the ASE’s Outdoor Science Working Group (OSWG) submitted a response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee Inquiry into practical experiments in school science lessons and science field trips.

The focus of ASE’s submission was on field trips and drew on two previous OSWG reports and survey data from ASE members.

Following the announcement of the Inquiry on April 5, the ASE appealed to its members for feedback. Nearly 400 people responded to our survey, which subsequently informed our written submission. The ASE would like to thank those who took the time to respond. The ASE will also be contacting respondents who indicated that they would like to be involved in further discussions on fieldwork in the future.

ASE has subsequently been invited to give oral evidence to the Select Committee on 29 June.

For further information on the work of ASE’s OSWG and the two reports: ‘Outdoor Science (2011)’ and ‘Initial Teacher Education and the Outdoor Classroom: Standards for the Future (2007)’, please click here.

Click here to view Written evidence submitted by The Association for Science Education Outdoor Science Working Group (Sch Sci 39).

As a member organization of the SCORE partnership, ASE also contributed to the SCORE submission to the Inquiry which focused on both practical work and fieldwork in science.