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Final Consultation of National Curriculum Review

15 July 2013

ASE would like to draw members’ and others attention to the latest draft of the English National Curriculum for science in Key Stages 1 to 3 and the consultation on the Orders which will bring it into force. The previous consultation received over 17,000 responses – denoting the level of engagement with the drafts. This consultation is short – it will close on 8 August and alongside it much of the existing National Curriculum is being disapplied to allow schools to prepare for the change.

ASE’s CEO, Annette Smith said: “We are very pleased that notice has been taken of the representations made by ASE and we are delighted that some of our key experts in primary science have been involved in the redraft. They have had very good effect specifically on “working scientifically”. However, we are disappointed with the process in general which meant that we were always trying to improve an unsatisfactory approach rather than helping to develop something outstanding from the beginning. We have remaining concerns about this document which we will voice in our response. I hope that ASE members as individuals will respond to the current consultation, and will also send their comments in to headquarters for potential inclusion in the ASE response.”

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