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Join the debate on the value of practical science

17 September 2013

The value and effectiveness of practical science has been under discussion on BBC Radio 4’s popular Inside Science programme over recent weeks.

Professor Jim Iley from the Royal Society of Chemistry and science teacher Alom Shaha led the discussions on Thursday 5 September. (listen now)

In response to ‘tons of feedback on bunsens and burettes’ to the programme, Professor Robin Millar, ASE’s immediate past President, continued the discussion on Thursday 12 September. (listen now)

Professor Millar referred to the ASE led programme, Getting Practical, which provided professional development on effective practical science and published a highly regarded booklet to support the programme. The booklet, Analysing Practical Science Activities, is authored by Professor Millar and is available from ASE Publications. It is considered an essential book for secondary science leaders.   

To catch up on the Inside Science discussions visit and contribute your own views, visit Inside Science, BBC Radio 4

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