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Key figures at ASE Annual Conference

6 January 2012

Key figures at ASE Annual Conference

THE second day of the ASE Annual Conference on Wednesday featured talks from a range of influential figures in Science Education.

Professor Athene Donald (picture 1 below) DBE FRS delivered the Royal Society Keynote Speech.

David Russell, Director of Curriculum and Behaviour Group (picture 2 below) from the Department for Education, pictured below with ASE's CEO Annette Smith, talked about the latest developments in Science Policy and the National Curriculum Review.

You can read the slides from his presentation in this PDF file.

Judith E Hackitt, CBE, Chair of the Health and Safety Executive, (picture 3 below) pictured left with ASE CEO Annette Smith, gave the ASE Science Education Policy Lecture. She also spoke to the ASE about the key message she wanted to get across in her conference speech. Hear her interview on the ASE YouTube Channel here.

Tim Oates (picture 4 below) gave the OCR Keynote Lecture: Just how many STEM graduates do we need?

And delegates packed into the exhibition marquee (final picture below)!

Athene Donald 2012


David Russell 2012


Judith Hackitt 2012


Tim Oates 2012