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The ASE Book Award: Shortlist Announced

30 November 2016

This award has been designed to celebrate science writing that educates and inspires science learners of all ages. The award will be presented at our annual conference and hopes to raise the profile of science publishing and showcase the best authors.

We were seeking a book that goes that extra mile and supports our vision of ‘science for all’, a book that could supplement a teacher’s understanding, that innovative hook, or something that goes beyond the traditional science curriculum – something more than just ‘run of the mill’.

We are pleased to announce that 15 books were submitted for this inaugural year. Some were aimed at early years; others were for an adult audience. Some aimed to support the typical science curriculum, while others were deliberately going outside of what is typically taught in schools. Some were for learners, while others were more suitable for teachers.

This varied collection gave us a very enjoyable challenge over the summer. All the books were thoroughly scrutinised by a group of dedicated reviewers from different sectors of the science education world and from different countries. A final review process was then undertaken and, after much deliberation, a shortlist of three was agreed. The three books are very different from each other and each offer that ‘something special’, which meant that they stood out from the other great books submitted for the Award.

The three shortlisted winners are:

  • The Abyss of Time by Paul Lyle, published by Dunedin Academic Press (Order now in the ASE Bookshop)
  • Exploring Science with Young Children by Terry Russell and Linda McGuigan, published by Sage (Coming soon to the ASE Bookshop)
  • Self-Destructing Science: Space by Isabel Thomas and Nikalas Catlow, published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books (Order now in the ASE Bookshop)

The authors of all three titles have been invited to the ASE Annual Conference in January 2017 at the University of Reading, where the winner will be announced on Thursday 5th at the Members Reception. Please join us to celebrate and discover which of these books achieves what we hope will be seen as a highly coveted award.  

Author: Alaric Thompson, Chair of the Puclications Committee, First published in Education in Science 266 November 2016