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What on Earth? New publication!

22 July 2013

What on Earth? New publication!

NEW from ASE Publications! 

The What on Earth? Wallbook of Science & Engineering – A3 in format and opening into a 2.3 metre long, fully illustrated timeline – is perfect for schools and curious minds of all ages from 6 to 106 and can be read like a book or unfolded and stuck on the wall. The wallbook tells the complete story of human invention from the dawn of civilisation to the present day. 

Download a brochureWhat on Earth page 2 

The Wallbook is a wonderful resource for teaching and learning – it’s chronological, contextual and visually hugely engaging. The Wallbook has a timeline on one side and on the reverse, 18 of the most amazing moments in the history of science are presented in easy-to-read news stories; this text provides a brief snapshot of the extraordinary achievements, discoveries and insights scientists and engineers have made through the ages, leading to the modern world as we know it today.

The What on Earth? Wallbook of Science & Engineering has been developed in collaboration with experts at The Science Museum, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and The Association for Science Education.

Available now in the ASE Bookshop with a special price of £15 for ASE members!

ASE Publications support exciting science lessons at primary and secondary level, see the Online Bookshop for details of the Wallbook and of a wide selection of titles. Login and shop online.