ASE offers practical courses for Technicians in three Sciences

Throughout November and early December, ASE will run a series of in-depth online courses for technicians on Practical Chemistry, Biology and Physics, which aims to help improve technicians work in the lab as well as help bolster their knowledge and skills in the three sciences. During the day there will be a mixture of live demonstrations, videos, chats about good practice and the opportunity to carry out some practicals in your own prep room (we will circulate an equipment list prior to the course, and only suggest equipment that most schools will have). 

Practical Chemistry for Technicians- Online: Thursday, 11 November 2021, 9am-3pm


Chemistry health and safety 
Chemical Storage 

Chemistry demonstrations 
GCSE and A Level required practicals (discussion with examples)
Issues with chemistry preparation 

Chemistry practicals to engage students (live demonstrations)
Evaluation and Action planning

Practical Biology for Technicians- Online: Thursday, 18 November 2021, 9am-3pm


Microscopy practicals
Biotechnology (enzymes) practicals
Microbiology (good practice / resources only

Plants practicals
Human health and disease

GCSE and A level core practicals and ideas Resources Plenary and feedback

Practical Physics for Technicians- Online: Thursday, 2 December 2021, 9am-3pm

Outcomes - participants will be able to:

Describe a range of innovative physics practicals

Implement good physics preparation practice

Develop confidence in setting up and making physics practicals work. 

Evaluate the importance of physics practical in the schools SOW

Explore relevant health and safety issues around physics preparation and practicals