ASE Technicians Conference - session recordings now available

With a couple of exceptions, you'll be able to find links to the individual sessions of the 2020 ASE Technicians Conference below. All of the videos on the hosting website are password protected. Fee-paying conference delegates should have recieved the password via the email address through which they originally signed up to the event - if you have not recieved the access password, please email

If you were unable to sign up for the event but are still interested in viewing the videos, both ASE members and non-members are currently able to sign up for access to the recordings via this link.

ASE Techicians Conference 2020

Returning to school after lockdown

This session will help to allay some of the concerns technicians may have on their return to school after this extended period of closure Jane Major, Section Lead Technical Services, CLEAPSS.

RSciTech and CPD

How to fill in the forms with help from the ASE technician committee. Find out what can count towards your CPD return and what you need to write.

How to survive the first year and beyond

Suitable for anybody new to being a school science technician or anybody who has been in post for less than a year (approximately). An informal discussion based session giving tips drawing from experience of what is useful during the first year and beyond.

What’s In My Tray? Lockdown Special

A showcase of the popular What’s in my tray? practical activities featuring Dr Katherine Forsey’s ‘Lockdown Edit’ of over 30 practical science and STEM activities that could be carried out at home or in school with appropriate distancing.

Science And Plants For Schools (SAPS)

A whistlestop tour of the SAPS website to show how we might find resources to support teachers delivery of specific parts of the curriculum, with pre-recorded resource demonstrations to help and live Q&A's too.

Chemical Storage and Stock Control systems (LabExpert)

This session will provide information on chemical and equipment storage covering legislation on H&S, chemical stores, different types of stores, radiation, storage groups and GHS/CLP.

How to develop into a successful senior technician

This interactive session with ASE Chair Simon Quinell will explore the characteristics of good technician leadership and management and get you thinking about what you need to focus on.

Simple circuitry

We will look at setting up series and parallel circuits, their characteristics and incorporate multi-meters to measure current and voltage. For more advanced circuits we will look at charging and discharging a capacitor that is linked to a required practical.

Ecology Fieldwork – Keeping Practical Science Alive

A whirl-wind video tour of simple ecology fieldwork techniques that could be carried out in gardens or school grounds using readily available, recycled and home-made equipment.

Managing science practical in a partially re-opened school

This CLEAPSS session is intended for all technicians. The objective is to explain and clarify how practical work can be safely carried out, taking into account the latest guidance, as well as all normal planning and risk assessment judgements.

A Zero Is A Hero

This workshop is based on a concept that helps you keep tabs on and aim to maintain a sensible work-life balance. It will also explore how manage our emotional needs in times of change and uncertainty with a range of practical strategies to manage our needs and those of others.

LogIT datalogging

 Advice, live Q&A and videos of experiments on calibrating probes using Sensorlab softare.