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October 14, 2013 ASE responds to consultation on primary assessment and accountability under the new national curriculum

September 29, 2013 ASE has concerns for the position of science education in Northern Ireland

Janaury 16, 2013 Response to Department for Business Innovation and Skills Consultation: Chartered status for further education sector

September 12, 2012 Response to the Welsh Government consultation on the Review of qualifications for 14- to 19-years-olds in Wales.

April 27, 2012 ASE contributes to report showing lack of appropriate maths skills

March 30, 2012 ASE responds to the Royal Society’s Call for Views for its Vision for science and mathematics education 5-19 project.

February 15, 2012 ASE responds to Ofsted consultation on Initial Teacher Training inspection, through it’s ATSE group (Association of Tutors in Science Education).

October 7, 2011 ASE responds to Early Years Foundation Stage consultation An ASE response, informed by its national primary science committee and research committee.

September 19, 2011 THE ASE joins top scientists in calling for evolution not creationism to be taught in schools. 

September 14, 2011 ASE evidence in House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Report. Practical experiments in school science lessons and science field trips.

May 20, 2011 ASE responds to the Science and Technology Committee Inquiry. Written evidence submitted by the ASE's Outdoor Science Working Group on practical experiments in school science lessons and science field trips.

April 14, 2011 A SCORE response to the Department for Education’s call for evidence on the review of the National Curriculum.

November 5, 2010 ASE submission to the Royal Society call for evidence on computing in schools

October 31, 2010 BBC Trust Consultation Does BBC science, taken as a whole, present a full and impartial view of the nature of the subject and of the role of science in society? 

October 29, 2010 Response to Wolf Review of 14-19 Vocational Education For more information on the Wolf Review, please click here

October 8, 2010 Response to the Commons Select Committee consultation on the role and performance of Ofsted

October 4, 2010 TDA CONSULTATION TDA QCF Guidance (Schools) 

September 30, 2010 Response to the Department for Education consultation on the Early Years Foundation Stage

September 9, 2010 Views of the Association for Science Education on Defra’s proposed new Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2011

July 2010 ASE's response to Ofsted consultation on guidance for subject specific inspections of schools

September 2009 ASE's response to the GCSE criteria consultation

July 2009 ASE's consultation response to the Rose Primary Review

July 2009 ASE responds to the Primary Curriculum Review

May 2009 The Association for Science Education welcomes the proposal to end testing in science at the end of Key Stage 2 from 2010

May 2009 Association for Science Education urges MSPs to take care of science in Scottish Schools

APRIL 2009 Science Community welcomes Rose Review of Primary Curriculum

February 2009 ASE’s response to the DCSF consultation on Teacher Training

February 2009 Inquiry into Teacher Training 

January 2009 ASE’s responses to the Interim Report of the Primary Review

November 2008 Secretary of State announces cancellation of KS3 tests in science from 2009 (England): advice to ASE members

September 2008 The Sutherland Inquiry into National Curriculum Tests

June 2008 Response from ASE to SQS for SSS TDA consultation 

June 2008 Engaging teachers, engaging pupils, engaging science: are we learning our lessons? 

September 2007 A statement from the Association for Science Education on Science Education, Intelligent Design and Creationism

June 2007 ASE’s response to Testing and Assessment consultation

June 2007 House of Commons Select Committee on Education and Skills Testing and Assessment - Summary of Evidence from the Association for Science Education

April 2007 ASE’s response to The Primary Review, 'The condition and future of primary education in England’

November 2006 TDA CONSULTATION Support staff qualifications strategy consultation

August 2006 ASE response to DfES Consultation on Sustainable schools

June 2006 Science Teaching in Schools: A Submission of Evidence from the Association for Science Education

May 2006 QCA AS/A2 consultation: response from ASE

May 2006 ASE's response to the QCA online consultation on GCE AS-A2 

April 2006 Science GCSEs: meeting the challenge of the 2006 reform

May 2005 New Science GCSE 2006 - Timeline and Termly overviews 

January 2005 Changes to GCSEs in Science from 2006 – your questions answered