Members' Update: Our work throughout Summer term 2018

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Report to members: key points from working committees and groups - Summer 2018

ASE Education Group

The ASE Strategic Plan directs our work, both of the group and as individuals.

  • There was opportunity to reflect on personal actions since the last meeting, with good sharing of practice, and strengthening of networking
  • We reviewed our actions across the year in preparation for reporting back to Trustees, and have started to draft our priorities for 2018-19
  • We discussed the initial findings of the Subject specific CPD survey for technicians and noted the recent research by Curee for Wellcome about the need for subject specific CPD for teachers applies equally to technicians
  • As a result of the ASE response to the recent consultation on QTS and career progression the group will link with the ASE’s head of curriculum, and the work with Science teacher SOS to develop ASE mentors, and raise awareness of professional learning journeys for all science education colleagues
  • We are drafting 4 new best practice statements Senior Leaders and science, Outdoor Learning, Assessment and Evidence based practice, others are being kept up to date
  • As Chair Elect Mary Whitehouse, prepares to take on the role of chair, the group continues to consider the role of assessment in supporting science teaching, and the effect on science teacher workload

Chair Linda Needham

ASE Futures Group

(for those supporting teachers of science or involved with Initial Teacher Education)

  • Planning for and organising the next Futures Conference “Science for Educators: Purpose, profile and progress” the programme will appeal to all sectors of ASE Futures members, as well as those involved with teacher education, who may not already be members of this section of ASE.
  • Planning to use opportunities that using different methods of communication such as webinars to help us engage with our members and to encourage others to join.
  • At our next meeting we will be reviewing the group’s constitution in preparation for the AGM

Chair Liz Lawrence

ASE Research Group

  • At least two practicing teachers using research in their work have been invited to join the group. Succession planning is discussed in order to keep the group to a maximum of 12 members.
  • The title for the new research book is agreed: ASE Guide to Research in Science Education: supporting teachers in using and doing research, publication due late autumn term
  • Plans for the annual conference to promote research in science education will be an extended session with a keynote alongside the research poster conference with an invitation to a free lunch.
  • The group will produce a research pathway through the annual conference sessions for those interested in this area

Chair Jane McNicholl

ASE International Group

  • Planning for the International conference in Hong Kong continues including arrangements for evaluation to be finalised and exploring the possibilities of live streaming
  • International membership: We're looking at the information available online via this website and other materials
  • International Day at Annual Conference in Birmingham 2019:  We've also evaluating the great quality and quantity of providers for workshops that have been submitted and organsing a timetable has been organised for the day
  • International Journal: Issue 4 has been finalised
  • Lab Aid: ASE’s relationship with this charity to be clarified

Chair Chris Harrison

ASE Primary Committee

The summer term meeting actions were mostly focussed on plans for the ASE Annual Conference 2019

  • Reviewed the workshop proposals and discussed themes for the primary programme
  • Agreed that the focus for the Brenda Keough lecture will be Science Capital, and speakers will be approached
  • Discussions for the key note speaker on the Saturday
  • Discussed a new session which will be a forum for teachers to pose questions to a panel of experts

Future actions

  • To build capacity within the committee by distributing roles more widely
  • Prepare and publish a timeline of committee events through the year
  • Set up a social media group for committee members to allow for more efficient communication

Chair Naomi Hiscock

ASE Technicians Committee

  • We agreed to support science Teacher SOS (and to liaise with 11-19 committee) within the prep room.
  • The committee discussed the early analysis of the ASE Technician specific CPD survey. 
  • We continue to give advice and support technicians both through social media and within their own prep room social media account
  • We continued to plan and finalise the Annual National technician conference for early July.

Future actions

  • Technicians committee get their voice heard and contribute to the wider science education matters through two-way communication by the Chair (Ann Bullen) attending the ASE Education Group and one of Chair trio (This term was Mary Whitehouse) attending our meetings. This has resulted in planning to expand our roles on our committee, and in the wider community, which we are looking forward to
  • Plan a representative to attend 11-19 meetings, (and vice versa) and in 2019-20 agree a date where both groups meet on the same day and have some shared time together
  • Plan actions related to technician CPD survey, and link to our annual conference

Chair Ann Bullen

ASE Health and Safety Group

We continue our appeal for new members to the group; you don’t have to be a H & S expert to join us, just a working knowledge of school laboratory practice. If you are interested to see what we get up to, do join one of our meetings as a guest, contact Ralph Witcher to find out more

  • Revision of final few topics in Topics in Safety
  • Continuing new edition of Safeguards in the School Laboratory. Chapters 1-3 revised, working on chapters 4-7.
  • Forward planning for Annual Conference 2019 contribution.

Chair Ralph Witcher

ASE 11-19 Committee

  • Further discussion on potential projects to build on the ASE SOS document which is aimed at supporting teachers for whom teaching is 'losing its spark'.
  • The meeting was also the first time we have attempted live tweeting, having taken over the @theASE twitter feed for the day. Ideas on time saving tips for teachers were flowing and we really hope our followers found some of these helpful.
  • Following this we discussed how ASE could support school leaders in improving science teacher retention before
  • Reviewing the list of conference sessions proposed for Annual Conference (January 2019). We are keen to encourage and support more classroom teachers to present, particularly 'new voices' and are pursuing the possibility of 'joint' sessions in which teachers can present for 15 to 20 minutes. If you are a classroom teacher interested in presenting at any of ASE's conferences, please do get in touch.

Chair Helen Harden

Publications group

  • Reviewing new titles to include in the ASE bookshop that will appeal to our members and we continue to monitor the stock and pricing of titles
  • Overseeing the quality assurance of new materials published by ASE particularly the new Secondary and Research Guides, which will both be published in the near future
  • Exploring ways of updating the AKSIS material ( e.g. Getting to grips with Graphs) either in partnership with PSTT or as an ASE only project
  • Conducting a major review of journals provision and overseeing a trial change in format for SSR as well as a new look EiS
  • Initial planning to carry out a major survey of members and non-members regarding the provision of all ASE journals 

Chair Alaric Thompson