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Mystery of 'ocean quacks' solved

Wed. 23/04/14

The mystery of a bizarre quacking sound often heard in the Southern Ocean has finally been solved, scientists report.

Asteroid impact risks 'underplayed'

Tue. 22/04/14

A visualisation showing where sizeable asteroids have hit the Earth in recent years has been released by the B612 Foundation.

Scottish wildlife rescues up 18%

Tue. 22/04/14

The Scottish SPCA's new national wildlife rescue centre released nearly 2,800 injured animals back into the wild in 2013.

Seal cull abandoned amid protests

Tue. 22/04/14

A major wild salmon producer says it is giving up the culling of seals after protests at a harbour in the north east of Scotland.

Graphene 'made with kitchen blender'

Tue. 22/04/14

Scientists have outlined how they managed to make the wonder material graphene using a kitchen blender.

'World's fastest' lift to be built

Tue. 22/04/14

Hitachi says it will install a lift capable of reaching speeds of 72km/h (45mph) into a skyscraper in Guangzhou, southern China.

Malta criticised for mass bird shoot

Tue. 22/04/14

A leading British naturalist accuses Malta of failing to prevent large-scale illegal shooting of migratory birds by hunters.

AUDIO: Migrant birds 'shot as trophies'

Tue. 22/04/14

Wildlife expert Chris Packham and Sergei Golovkin from Malta's Wild Birds Regulation Unit discuss the number of illegal bird hunters operating in Malta.

What are the hazards facing a plane stowaway?

Tue. 22/04/14

How can a person endure clinging to a plane wheel?

Flood defence assessment completed

Mon. 21/04/14

For the first time in its history, the Environment Agency assesses the state of all flood defences in England following 'unprecedented' winter storms.

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