Taking on STEM Challenges in Farming

What will tractors of the future look like?

Farmvention (when farming meets invention) is a national STEM competition run by the NFU aimed at primary school children. Are your students ready to design the tractor of the future? A happy home for hens? or a healthy British snack?

There are three exciting problem-based challenges that can be entered by individual children or in teams. Designed to make children think about the day to day issues faced by farmers and growers in England and Wales, each challenge is supported by curriculum linked resources created in partnership with the Association for Science Education (ASE).

Challenge 1 - Tractor of the future

Challenge 2 - Happy, healthy hens

Challenge 3 - A truely british snack

The National Farmers Union has worked in partnership with Association for Science Education to co-author these resources for primary age pupils. The resources have been developed to support and complement the Farmvention (when farming meets invention) national STEM competition. The resources also support aspects of the English National Curriculum for science, design and technology, English and literacy.

Visit www.farmvention.com