Prehistoric Pets by Dr Dean Lomax (ISBN: 9781787415331)

Written by palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax, 'Prehistoric Pets' takes a close look at our pets, from guinea pigs to cats to horses, and - as if they were furry time machines - uses fossil facts to trace them back to their prehistoric animal ancestors, with bright artwork, bags of humour and plenty of facts for readers to get their teeth into. Put simply,  “Prehistoric Pets” takes the reader on a journey back in time. Dr Lomax examines seven of our nation’s favourite pets and uses fossil clues and other evidence to reveal who their animal ancestors were.  Palaeontology meets pets when the evolutionary history of the goldfish is summarised succinctly and with a liberal sprinkling of fishy-themed facts.  

Incredible pop-ups bring you face-to-face with awesome ancient creatures, including a Velociraptor, a sabre-tooth cat and the giant snake Titanoboa. The pop-ups, illustrations and fun accessible text make this title perfect for engaging young readers into palaeontology.

This pop-up book looks at the evolutionary past of some of today’s most common pets, like a guinea pig, a cat and a budgie. It creates the links between long extinct species that we only find now as fossils and their modern relatives. Linking a velociraptor to a budgie may seem like a stretch, but in the hands of an experienced palaeontologist like Dr Lomax, readers  can see how dinosaurs are still with us in the form of the birds we see everywhere. You can order your copy below. 



''Children aged 5 years – 11 years would love this book regardless of attainment or special educational needs or English as an additional language.  The illustrations alone would be captivating let alone the pop-up aspect. Older aged primary school children will be more able to read it by themselves''.