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ASE Primary Subject Leader Framework

The ASE Primary Science Subject Leader Framework provides guidance and support for both new and experienced primary science subject leaders.

ASE's Primary Committee has compiled a framework to help you audit and develop science provision in your school, and to structure your role. It takes you through a series of questions covering all aspects of the role and signposts you to relevant guidance and sources of support.

ASE Primary Subject Leader Framework document

The framework addresses key questions including:

What is the current status of science in our school?
How is science organised in our school?
What schemes of work are currently being used?
What does progression look like?
What equipment do we need?
What guidelines and principles are there for assessment of science in our school?
How do we monitor and evaluate the quality of science in our school?

Please note the framework is subject to change and will be developed through feedback. Although it should be of use in all parts of the UK, as it contains much that is generic, there are links which refer to the English curriculum and assessment systems and to Ofsted. Additional guidance specific to other UK nations will be included in future versions.

A useful overview of the role of the Science Subject leader in a primary school can be found in this ASE journal