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Becta Science Resources

In recent years, the ASE has worked closely with Becta to support the effective use of ICT in learning and teaching science. Many of the following resources were produced by ASE for Becta. The Becta website closed on January 31, 2011. On this page you can find a selection of science education resources from the Becta website.

Hard To Teach (2008) - Ideas for teaching difficult science topics using ICT

Case studies written by outstanding practitioners in the use of ICT in science teaching.

Alba Ranger to help with Motion Graphs  Paul Dunn
Data logging - developing higher order thinking skills Paul Preece
Digital Microscopes Paul Dunn
Engaging Attention Maria Bateson
Engaging Interest Andy Heywood
Excel to Teach Science Norman Hutchison
iPods in the classroom Adam Parker
Modelling by pupils - electricity   Katrina Stuart
Modelling Forces Paul Preece
Modelling Radioactivity Paul Preece
Promethean whiteboard software Gary Mulvey
Questioning and engaging pupils Natalie McCoy
Shared Websites to Promote collaboration between students Ian Windsor
Simulation software in science teaching Norman Hutchison
Teaching and assessing particle models with lower set pupils Pete Hoskins
Using SMART Board Notebook to create a simple VLE Chris Mason
Videos and audio podcasts Dan Roberts
Visualisers – using them to enhance Science Teaching Nick Pollock
Visualising KS3 Electricity with middle and lower groups Dawn Pace
Visualising Sounds – a new approach using ICT  Jason Molloy
VLE - Developing communications   Jason Molloy
X-Box in science teaching Stuart Finan
YouTube video clips in science teaching Daniel Harvey

Science Symbols in Different Languages (1985)

Apparatus in Arabic Hazard Symbols in Arabic Safety Rules in Arabic
Apparatus in Bengali Hazard Symbols in Bengali Safety Rules in Bengali
Apparatus in Chinese Hazard Symbols in Chinese Safety Rules in Chinese
Apparatus in Greek Hazard Symbols in Greek Safety Rules in Greek
Apparatus in Punjabi Hazard Symbols in Punjabi Safety Rules in Punjabi
Apparatus in Spanish Hazard Symbols in Spanish Safety Rules in Spanish
Apparatus in Turkish Hazard Symbols in Turkish Safety Rules in Turkish
Apparatus in Urdu Hazard Symbols in Urdu Safety Rules in Urdu

Additional Resources

  • Starter for Ten (March 2008) – Ten sets of ten web links to cover different aspects of science teaching
  • ICT in Primary Science: A Pupil’s Entitlement (April 2009) – ICT in Primary Science contains a range of different uses of ICT that are mapped against different aspects of How Science Works
  • ICT in Secondary Science: A Pupil’s Entitlement (April 2009) – ICT in Secondary Science contains a range of different uses of ICT that are mapped against different aspects of How Science Works
  • Home Learning: Science (February 2008) – Web based science learning activities for pupils that could be used successfully at home. A list of 14 activity-based learning websites for KS3.
  • The 21st Century Teacher: Science  (March 2010) – Descriptions and case studies of a variety of tasks and approaches, using ICT, that are relevant to science teachers

These materials have been provided on a non-exclusive basis under the new Open Government License and the UK Government Licensing Framework to enable and encourage the free use of government information covered by Crown copyright and database rights. All existing Becta copyright statements are superseded by this provision. For further information see: