Competition: A Place for Pluto

Competition: A Place for Pluto

A feel-good picture book that combines a popular science topic with character education themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and friendship.

Published by Raintree Publishing 

Since it’s demotion form planet to dwarf planet, Pluto’s captured sympathy from people around the world. A PLACE FOR PLUTO follows a distraught Pluto as he struggles to find his place in the solar system. On his quest to find where he belongs, he meets asteroids, meteoroids and comets along the way. It isn’t until he runs into another dwarf planet that he finally feels his sense of belonging.

To win a copy, answer the following question: In what year was Pluto downgraded to the status of a "dwarf planet”? Email your answer to by the 30th November 2018. The first three names picked will be sent a book.