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Curriculum change

Please note that documents in the Share and Adapt area of the Science Leaders' Hub have NOT been edited and are NOT endorsed by ASE. Documents should be used as a starting point for you to adapt and improve.

This section draws together all documents relevant to the new curriculum changes.




Linear Assessment Health Check
How prepared is your department for the introduction of full linear assessment? Please send your completed questionnaire to the SLH editor to help ASE identify what additional support can be provided for science leaders.


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Created for ASE/STEM Education Centre's London Teachers' Conference. Heads of science were asked to consider the impacts of the new KS3 curriculum in England on 6 areas of their leadership role. Shared by Helen Harden (@hecharden).

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This document shows a head of science's first attempt to divide the new KS3 according to the teaching time available in each year group. Next to be added is Working Scientfically. How are you mapping out your new KS3 curriculum? Contributed by Amy Morey (@PurpleSciChaos).

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This document summarises the thoughts of the contributor about a potential way to rearrange KS4 teaching in light of the change from modular to linear assessment at GCSE (England). How will you change your teaching sequence to reflect this change in asssessment practice? Contributed by Alex Weatherall (@a_weatherall).

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Are you creating your own new KS3 scheme of work? This blog post by Douglas Napolitano-Cremin (@sciteachcremin) shares how he is leading the planning of a brand new KS3 scheme of work which suits the needs of his department.

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What should a good scheme of work include? This checklist was compiled by Douglas Napolitano-Cremin (@sciteachcremin) based on the views of colleagues in his department.


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The first activity describes how to use 'traffic lighting' to carry out a quick audit of the level of change needed in your science curriculum.

The second activity supports the creation of a new curriculum overview map. Shared by Helen Harden (@hecharden).


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It takes many skills to create a new scheme of work. It is not the sole job of the Head of Science or Key Stage Coordinator. What talent can you spot in your department?

Shared by Helen Harden (@hecharden).


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Are you prepared for life beyond levels? In this blog post Michael Tidd (@michaelt1979) shares 7 questions to consider before deciding upon any replacement assessment scheme.