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Supporting science technicians in schools

ASE technician membership provides a support network for technicians working in schools. Find out more about joining ASE.

Resources covering everything from health and safety, prep room and practical work guidance to professional development have been made available by ASE's expert technician committee. The Prep Room is a regular feature in our house magazine Education in Science

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Main guidance

This section is being updated.

Key reports

  • UK School Science Technician Survey 2016  This report from supported by Gratnells. contains the results of the survey which was completed by 1310 technicians, and looks at conclusion we can draw from this data.

Online support and Networking

Twitter logoThe first wednesday of every month at 8pm, join a twitter chat with @ASETechs on topical issues using hashtag #ASETechs. Find out more.

fbFacebook hosts a dedicated community group. Find out more.

 Blogs from A Science Technician Abroad

Professional Development

Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) Professional recognition for those working to advance science and its applications.

Each July, ASE runs the National Technicians Conference in partnership with National Science Learning Centre in York. There are other CPD opportunities listed on our conferences page.

Other projects

  • Getting Practical ASE project to improve practical science work in schools
  • Science technicians are increasingly supporting teachers and pupils directly with practical work. In this video, ASE Consultant, Richard Needham, discusses this emerging trend and the positive impact it is having in schools and colleges

Free resources for members

The Prep Room Organiser (pdf) or download editable word version (digital copy free to members only)
An important resource and guide for technicians working in education. This organiser brings together much of the information normally acquired by technicians over a period of time in the job into one convenient reference. You can also purchase a hard copy of the organiser.

Smart and useful apps for school science (members only)

Selected articles from School Science Review 

How technicians can lead science improvements in any school: a small-scale study in England from Beth Jones and Simon Quinnell


SALTERS-CLEAPSS National Awards for Science Technicians ASE supports this amazing award that acknowledges the immense contribution that Science Technicians make to the well-being and success of schools and colleges and, in particular, to Science Departments.

Gratnells Science Technician of the Year Award A prestigious award to encourage and inspire the work of technicians. There are some great prizes that are awarded including a recent trip to iceland! 

Technician Support

Technicians and their jobs - CLEAPSS guidance to help promote a professional technician service in schools 
Apparatus list - apparatus list from CLEAPSS to help with stock control and resource management
STEMNET -  (the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) creates opportunities to inspire young people in STEM.

Key Events

British Science Association's National Science and Engineering Week and National Demo Day

Very useful links

General Information

TecHKnow Wiki is an online community with professional articles and notes free resources for school science departments bulletin board service for science technicians
ClassTools create free quizzes and activities
The naked scientists

Chemistry demonstrations

Salters Chemistry Club demonstrations
Science is fun chemical demos

Simulations and virtual experiments

PhET simulations for science
Virtual experiments
Periodictable interactive guide to elements
Soundcard oscilloscope
Freezeray teaching tools for interactive whiteboards
Graphical resistor calculator
Worldwide telescope