Train Your Brain: Think Like a Scientist by Alex Woolf (ISBN: 978152631644)

Children's brains are powerful and flexible, but they need exercising and challenging to develop. In this book Alex Woolfe will uncover the core skills that can make a good scientist great, and be encouraged to have a go at some simple activities to help them to train their brain to become better at applying outstanding scientific practice. By uncovering the way that real scientists look at the world and approach problems scientifically, readers will learn skills that will set them in good stead for life.

This book gives children what they need to know about the process of science – how science is ‘done’. It does it in a captivating way that uses familiar situations and easy to follow instructions for experiments to do at home. There is a mix of process and stories that illustrate the methods of science, using familiar historical figures like Marie Curie and less well-known scientists like Garrett Morgan - who invented breathing apparatus for firefighters and - Debra Fischer the US astronomer. Each section of the book takes the reader through the process of a scientific investigation and it doesn’t shy away from using the correct terminology. It provides good advice on how to formulate a scientific question and that mistakes or negative results from experiences can be just as useful as positive. You can order your copy below. 


Reviewed by Louise Nelson

''It is about being a scientist and suited to children studying at Key Stage 2 due to the content and reading level of the book (if a child were to read this themselves). The focus is around ‘thinking’ like a scientist and fits around the whole ‘growth mind set. The book is part of a series of books covering a range of subjects.  Bright, colourful and nicely illustrated. Has lots of little ‘experiments’ in it. The book is a nice size and good quality.''