A Trip to the Future By Moira Butterfield (ISBN: 9781787415751)

From floating cities to colonies on far-off planets, each spread will take the reader further and further from home. Stunning full-page spreads create an immersive feel, while the text paints a picture of the possibilities ahead - and some surprising achievements are already made! Did you know that you can already eat 3D printed food? Or that a group of scientists are trying to build a lift to the Moon? A Trip to the Future is a book for the engineers and scientists of the future!

This book is grounded in real science and the visions it offers of off the shelf robots for ironing, tidying the house or cooking meals are not that far off. In homes where your washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier are connected to your wifi and you can programme them to start and stop remotely, many of the visions in this book are already with us. Some of the more fanciful ideas - such as mining asteroids or space hotels are already on the drawing board. Even Terraforming a planet like Mars has been seriously discussed. What the book offers is not the impossible but the possible – given enough money time and expertise.

Review by Sarah Longshaw, Project Officer

Sarah shared ‘’The book can be read in its entirety or dipped into – choosing by interest/topic and there’s something to appeal to all – from recreating extinct animals, to sports or shopping, travel to Mars or visiting a dreamworld. The text is accessible, but the concepts are not oversimplified. The book could also be appealing to KS4 students – looking for easy to access applications for example of nanotechnology.’’