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About ASE

About ASE

The Association for Science Education (ASE) is the largest subject association in the UK. As the professional body for all those involved in science education from pre-school to higher education, the ASE provides a national network supported by a dedicated staff team. Members include teachers, technicians and advisers. The Association plays a significant role in promoting excellence in teaching and learning of science in schools and colleges. Working closely with the science professional bodies, industry and business, the ASE provides a UK-wide network bringing together individuals and organisations to share ideas and tackle challenges in science teaching. The ASE is an independent and open forum for debating science education, with unique benefits for members. It provides a unique range of services to promote high quality science education by developing resources and fostering high quality Continuing Professional Development.

Our History

The Association for Science Education can trace its origins back to 1900. The first Annual Meeting was held in January 1901 which then led to the formation of the Association of Public School Science Masters. Incorporated by Royal Charter in October 2004, the ASE operates as a Registered Charity. The history of the ASE can be found in two publications: Interpreters of Science by David Layton and, published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the association,  Advancing Science Education: the first fifty years of the Association for Science Education, Edited by Edgar Jenkins and Valerie Wood-Robinson.

The Patron of the Association is HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG,PC,KT, GMBE,FRS.

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