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ASE Health and Safety Resources

Welcome to the ASE's Health and Safety Resource Section

On this page and subsequent tabs on the left hand side, you will find Safety articles published in the ASE's journals and relevant resources.

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ASE Health and Safety Resources for secondary

Safeguards in the School Lab 

An erratum slip to accompany the 2013 reprint of ‘Safeguards in the School Lab’ is available here

Safe & Exciting Science

Topics in Safety

Topics in Safety is being revised. View Revised Topics in Safety updates of topics 2, 8, 9 and 16.

Safety Reprints

For health and safety resources for primary schools, please click on Health and Safety - Primary in the menu to the left.

ASE Health and Safety guidance

Click here to read our policy document on health and safety in good practical science.

Click here to read the collective view of ASE, RSC, CLEAPSS and SSERC on the implications of REACH regulations for the teaching of practical chemistry at secondary level and above.

Click here to download Health and Safety Guidance for Governors and Head Teachers in Secondary Schools and Colleges.

Click here to download Health and Safety Checks on Science Texts: Guidance for Publishers

Fighting Back 

A common aim of the articles in this section of the website is to refute popular misconceptions nurtured in the media that many practical activities in science can no longer be carried out in schools because of the limitations imposed by health and safety legislation. The articles also include guidance on how to plan and organise safe and often exciting practical work in science that will engage or enthuse pupils without compromising health and safety standards.

Journal IssuePage NumberOpen access articles
EiS Sep-07 27 Oh yes you can! 
SSR Mar-04 121 We don’t do that -  it’s not safe anymore 
EiS Nov-01 24 Fighting back - is school science really unsafe?  
EiS Jun-01 22 It must be true it was in the Sunday Times 
EiS  Sep-97 Download Mercury thermometers 
EiS Apr-97 Download Air guns
SSR 268 Mar. 93 Download ‘That’s banned, isn’t it ?’ Some safety myths in science