Topics in Safety

This resource, originally published in 2018, covers 20 key topics when considering health and safety measures in the prep room and classroom, available as handy downloadable PDFs. It was created by members of ASE's Health and Safety Group, a commitee that give advice to members on all matters relating to health and safety in science education. The Group is an authority in the field of best safe practice in practical school science, respected nationally and internationally.

This content contains important health and safety considerations, although users are advised to check current regulations and ensure that an appropriate risk assessment is undertaken in relation to any activity.

Topic 1 - Managing health and safety

Topic 2 - Teaching health and safety through science

Topic 3 - Science technicians

Topic 4 - Manual handling

Topic 5 - Eye protection and other personal protective equipment

Topic 6 - Laboratory Design for health and safety

Topic 7 - Fume cupboards

Topic 8 - Fire precautions

Topic 9 - Signs and labels

Topic 10 - Using chemicals

Topic 11 - Disposal of waste and unwanted materials

Topic 12 - Assessing carcinogenic hazards

Topic 12 - Appendix: Selection of carcinogens

Topic 13 - Allergic responses within school science

Topic 14 - Living organisms

Topic 15 - Microbiology

Topic 16 - Working with DNA

Topic 17 - Electricity

Topic 18 - Optical radiation: Infrared, ultraviolet and visible light

Topic 19 - Ionising radiations

Topic 20 - Working with enzymes