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Issue: May 2015 357

Contents and Editorial

Issue: February 2015 356

Letters to the Editor

Issue: February 2015 356

Science Note: Demonstrating the absorbance spectrum and fluorescence of chlorophyll isolated by paper chromatography

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Stephen Rowcliffe

Science note: Making an illuminated Hero’s fountain

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Allan Mills

Science Note: Simple projectiles

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Frank Harris

The Presidential Address 2015: Science education: trusting the frontline

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Sir David Bell

Extract: The Presidential Address delivered to the Association for Science Education Annual Conference, University of Reading, January 2015.

Social dimensions of scientific knowledge: the ‘$5 bottle of hope’

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Giuliano Reis

Extract: This case study on the biology of fertilisation requires secondary students to understand the social dimensions of scientific knowledge in order to advise a young couple trying to conceive.

Measurement of limiting factors in photosynthesis

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Kate Andrews, Paul Beaumont and Kath Crawford

Extract: Measuring the effect of limiting factors on the rate of photosynthesis can be problematic but the use of carbon dioxide sensors opens up a range of possible investigations that might be undertaken.

Students’ involvement in learning science to break the constraints: a classroom experience

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Ruchi Verma

Extract: Reflecting on activity-based teaching–learning of science under certain constraints in an Indian rural school and how students’ collaborative efforts helped to break these constraints.

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