Biggest Ship in the World!

In this activity children pick from a range of investigations to explore, question and develop their ideas about floating and sinking.


In Spring 2016, the biggest passenger ship ever built was launched. The cruise ship is the length of three football pitches and taller than Nelson's Column! What material do you use to build such an enormous ship and why? 

Pick from a range of investigations to explore this question and develop childrens ideas about floating and sinking.

Learning Objective:

-    observe closely, using simple equipment      

-    use their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions

-   identify and classify on the basis of similarities and differences

-   perform simple tests

Children will learn:

-    that some materials float and some sink

-    understand that sinking materials can be made to float by changing their shape

-    to talk about their ideas of why some things float but others do not and make predictions about whether an object will float

-    to give some reasons why big ships are made from metal 

Primary upd8

These ASE resources were developed by Felix Levinson and Sharon Harris.