Sheep Pig

In this activity children are encouraged to discuss the advantages/disadvantages of adaptation and consider a variety of points of view e.g. a farmer.


Children will find out that an animal can have many different appearances. As cats can come in many different colours and sizes so too can other animals. Not all sheep are woolly and not all pigs are pink and smooth, there is variation.

Children will be encouraged to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of adaptation, whilst considering a variety of points of view e.g. a farmer, a scientist, a consumer.

Learning Objective:

-    to observe and recognise some simple characteristics of animals

Children will learn:

-    that animals(including humans) are similar to each other in some ways and different in other ways

-    to consider  different points of view and present their work scientifically


Primary upd8

These resources were initially developed in partnership with the Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University.