War of the Worlds

In this activity children consider whether there is any truth in the films' key idea that aliens can be wiped out by an unfamiliar virus.


The film version of War of the Worlds proved very popular. Children will learn about the impact of 'alien' populations within habitats and the potential impacts of micro-organisms as well as consider links between cause and effect.

They will demonstrate this by comparing the potential spread of bird flu from birds to - and within - the human population with the spread of smallpox in Mexico and the death of the aliens in the War of the Worlds film.

Learning Objective:

-    Diseases can be passed on by very small organisms.  This idea is based on scientific evidence. 

Children will learn:

-    Sequencing cards to show how smallpox spread from invading Spanish soldiers to local Aztec people. 

-    To suggest explanations for conclusions, using scientific knowledge and understanding. 


Primary upd8

These resources were initially developed in partnership with the Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University.