The RISE project resource home

Welcome to the RISE project hub – the home of the ASE’s new initiative aimed at tackling long-standing issues around science teacher retention. As a participating member school, on this page you will find all of the resources you will need to analyse your survey data and guides and tools to help shape your response. Please note, if you are not a participating school you will be unable to download any of the tools and resources listed below. You can find out more about the RISE project, and details on how to take part, on this page.

The RISE programme is based on a three-step process: 

  1. Discovery - An online survey is completed by every member of the science department in the first half of the Autumn term
  2. Insights and action - The anonymised results of the survey are shared with the Head of Science, along with guidance on how to analyse and act on them
  3. Analysis and assessment - At the end of the year, another all-team survey is used to assess the impact of any actions taken  

The purpose of this resource hub is to help particpating schools with the second step - Insights and action. As an ASE RISE Project participant, once you have recived your school's data-set along (with unified whole-cohort data for comparison) your first step should be the Analysing Your Data page. This page will take you through the process of looking at your dataset step-by-step and features a number of number of resources and guides on how to both understand and act upon your data.

The other main sections of this hub revolve around the three key areas, namely Wellbeing, Job Satisfaction and Career Intentions. On this three pages you will find more specific guidance on how to interperate your results in a given area, along with an extensive collection of bespoke downloadable resources that will help you formulate, then act upon, your response...