Professional Registration

The Association for Science Education, as a licensed body of the Science Council, is empowered under the terms of its Royal Charter to administer Professional Registration awards to individuals who meet the application requirements. Applicants must be active in science teaching and learning in the UK or overseas; this includes teachers and technicians in all state and independent schools, colleges and universities, as well as advisers, inspectors, consultants and researchers.

I wanted to do everything possible to improve my practice as a primary school teacher. The CSciTeach award has given me recognition in my school for my work in developing challenging learning experiences for children. it shows that I am a reflective practitioner and demonstrates my commitment to me colleagues, my school and the students and parents. It also gives me the confidence to realise that I am a good scientist, as well as a classroom teacher.

- Diane Molyneux CSciTeach, Primary Specialist

These awards can help demonstrate your commitment to science education to a wide range of people you will encounter throughout your career, such as:

  • Employers, who can be confident of the quality of a prospective employee
  • Professionals, ensures professional recognition and development for technicians working across science from education to industry
  • Regulatory Authorities, which can be confident in specifying the designation in Acts of Parliament and regulations
  • Parents, governors and other members of society who can be more confident in the competence of an individual
  • Government departments seeking to appoint advisers or consultants, which can be assured about the professional practice of an applicant

You can view the current list of Professional Registrants via the following links: Chartered Science Teachers (CSciTeach), Registered Science Technicians (RSciTech) and Registered Scientists (RSci)

Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach)

Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach) is a chartered mark recognising excellence in science teaching and learning. Gaining CSciTeach demonstrates your commitment to your profession and can help you to advance your career.

Registered Science Technician (RSciTech)

The Registered Science Technician Award (RSciTech) is a registered mark recognising excellence for technicians working in science education. We are licensed by the Science Council to award RSciTech to eligible members.

Registered Scientist (RSci)

Have you improved as a teacher since you began? Have you got a science degree, qualified teacher status and been teaching for a minimum of two years?