ASE Evaluated

What is the ASE Evaluated (previously ‘Green Tick’) service?

ASE Evaluated service (or previously known at ‘ASE Green Tick’) is a mark of certification that indicates science education resources that have been reviewed and evaluated by ASE. ASE can evaluate any type of resource including teaching guidance, lesson plans, practical activities, books and equipment. 

Where can I view which resources have been evaluated? 

You can a view a list of resources that have been previously evaluated by ASE from our resource list page

Why choose to be evaluated? 

Interested organisations or individuals can apply for their resource to be evaluated and ASE will provide an initial assessment of suitability (with feedback if deemed unsuitable), and an estimate of time/fee required to provide the evaluation service. A full outline of the process steps is given below.  
The service provides a number of benefits for your resource: 

  • Our feedback can help be confident of the strengths of your resource, but also to identify areas for improvement, which can then be further strengthened
  • The evaluation mark provides reassurance for teachers and practitioners and acts as a mark of quality assurance 
  • Evaluation can be undertaken at any stage of production 
  • It can help you enhance your reach and profile as you are able to use extracts of the ASE report for marketing and your resource will also be promoted through ASE’s channels 
  • The income from the service supports ASE’s charitable objectives 
  • By taking part in the scheme you are helping to drive up the quality of science resources. 

What does the review check for? 

Resources are evaluated to ensure they meet minimum standards for:

  • Engagement and accessibility
  • Evidence-informed and scientifically accurate content 
  • Alignment with national curricula 
  • Connection to clear and relevant pedagogy 
  • Innovation or added value 
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations 
  • Inclusion of appropriate guidance for use.

What are the stages of the process? 

  1. Initial review:  ASE provides an initial assessment of the resource and provides an estimate of cost and timescale to review
  2. Expert evaluation: ASE evaluators, including Chartered Science Teachers and Registered Science Technicians, review the resource against agreed set of criteria 
  3. Feedback and recommendations: ASE evaluators provide comments and feedback including recommendations for improvement
  4. Evaluation report published: ASE provides a comprehensive evaluation report which is reviewed by the partner prior to publication
  5. Mark awarded: Subject to recommendations being implemented, the resources may carry the ‘ASE Evaluated’ logo (the license to use ‘ASE Evaluated’ logo is limited to a maximum of three years from publication to maintain mark integrity and resource relevance.
  6. Marketing support: Full evaluation uploaded to the website, summary published in our termly Education in Science journal (sent to all ASE members) and resources shared on our social media channels 

How do I apply? 

In the first instance, please reach out via and give us a short summary of the resource that you'd like to submit, we'll then be in touch to guide you through the next steps.