The Association for Science Education

How to Enter

This award has been designed to celebrate science writing that educates and inspires science learners of all ages. The award will initially be presented at our prestigious annual conference which hopes to raise the profile of science publishing and showcase the best authors. 

As part of the award, we will continue to promote the winning entry and shortlist to our extensive network. This includes teachers, technicians and researchers in schools and universities both within the UK and overseas. 

How to Enter

The title submitted can be a popular science book or an educational resource. The review panel will be looking for books that are engaging, accessible and high quality. Each title will be evaluated by an expert, independent review panel. 

Criteria for title submission:

  1. The science content has to be accurate
  2. Considered useful to teachers of science
  3. Textbooks and exam board specific material will not be accepted
  4. Published in the period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017
  5. Books must be submitted in the English Language
  6. No eBooks will be accepted
  7. You are able to grant permission for ASE to resell this title (subject to terms) 

Both the online submission form and the books must arrive by the deadline of Monday 3 July 2017. 

Please contact Karen Dyer from our Publications Team if you have any further questions

Entry process

Each book entered must be submitted by the book’s publisher by the deadline of Monday 3 July 2017. For each book you are entering you will need to:

  1. Complete an online entry form for each title.
  2. We will then require six copies (non-returnable) of the title entered to be read by our Review Panel. Please post these to

Karen Dyer, The Association for Science Education, College Lane, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9AA.


  1. The Panel's decision on the eligibility of an entry is final.
  2. There is no restriction on the location of publishers. There are no restrictions on the nationality, age or any other characteristic of the author/s.
  3. Publishers may submit up to 5 entries.
  4. There is no charge to enter.
  5. The author/s of the book will be the recipient of the award.
  6. Books must be submitted by the publisher and any submission will be taken as agreement for the work to be considered.
  7. The publishers must be able to give the ASE permission to sell the title through their online bookshop and at events; terms and conditions to be agreed.
  8. The review panel is appointed by the ASE. The judge’s decision is final.
  9. In the event of a book being shortlisted for the Award, publishers agree that they will supply a book synopsis, author biography, photograph of the author and book cover (licensed for royalty-free use and distribution).
  10. The winning authors should be able to participate at the ASE Annual Conference 2018 at the University of Liverpool on Thursday 4 January 2018.
  11. Publishers will be allowed to acknowledge the Award in subsequent reprints, editions and marketing of shortlisted and winning books.
  12. No books submitted will be returned to the publishers.
  13. The Award has no monetary value.