Chair of the Association

The Chair is a vital role to our Association and the elected chair provides an authoritative voice for the thousands of members ASE supports and the wider science education community. Elected candidates remain part of the chair trio for three consecutive years. The roles are assumed from the 1st August each year. 


The Chair Trio

ASE Chair 2019/20: Prof. Janice Griffiths

Professor Janice Griffiths leads the Mathematics and Science Learning  Centre at the University of Southampton. She has been an active member of ASE since 2000 and has served on local and national committees and boards. She is passionate about developing regional activity to support members in their locality and promoting ASE membership to science educators.

ASE Past Chair 2018/19: Mary Whitehouse

Mary Whitehouse is a physics teacher with experience in school and is now a leading member of the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG). She is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Lawrence Bragg Medal, recognising her national contribution to teaching and learning in physics. Alongside work as a curriculum developer, she teaches the physics content of the University’s initial teacher-training course. You can follow Mary on twitter @MaryUYSEG



Chair Elect 2019/20: Simon Quinnell

Simon is a teacher trainer at the University of York, but many members will remember Simon from his time at STEM Learning (formerly The National Science Learning Centre) where he ran numerous courses. These included practical work and biology, but he also played a central role in raising the professional profile of school science technicians through the STACS programme. Simon is a member of Yorkshire and the Humber region ASE committee, serves on the national technicians committee and runs popular hands on workshops at ASE conferences.