Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach)

Maintaining a CPD log for the CSciTeach register makes the reflection explicit and captures your thinking at regular intervals to make you see where your successes are, and where you need support to develop further.

- Jon Hale, CSciTeach and Science Council CPD Award 2022 winner

Achieving Chartered status provides you with many benefits including:

  • Recognition of your expertise, experience and commitment
  • A framework to support your future career development 
  • Ability to demonstrate your commitment to employers, colleagues and clients
  • Access to a broader community of scientists working across a huge range of sectors and disciplines

To be eligible to apply for CSciTeach you must have:

  • Individual ASE membership (or be the single nominated individual of an institutional member organisation that has added the Professional Learning membership bolt-on)
  • An Honours level qualification, with a minimum of 50% of course content in science
  • Four years experience of teaching science following QTS (or equivalence) including additional responsibilities over the past two years
  • A Masters level qualification in education or be able to demonstrate equivalence through experience
  • Meet the required competence standards and be able to demonstrate your impact on science teaching and learning 

How to apply 

Your application will be reviewed at the next appropriate Registration Board. You may be asked for additional evidence or clarification at any stage in the application process.

Application Fee

Pay the initial £107.50 application fee online. Please note that the £52.00 annual fee to maintain CSciTeach status will be added to your ASE membership renewal.

Application Form

Download and fill in this form and then click the 'Open Email' button on the right hand side of this section to send the form along with copies of your certificates.

Email Certificates

Click here to open your email client to directly send us copies of your certificates, or email us at

Upcoming deadlines by midday on: 

  • 4th July 2024 registrants will be confirmed after the Board meet on 19th July 2024
  • 1st November 2024 registrants will be confirmed after the Board meet on 16th November 2024
  • 14th February 2025 registrants will be confirmed after the Board meet on 1st March 2025

Please get in touch if you need any help with your application, including informal feedback on your draft application, please contact

Maintaining your chartered status

Professional registrants are required to continually maintain and update their professional expertise and competence. A selection of people will be required to submit their CPD for review and they will be notified during October/November by email.