Public Liability Insurance

ASE membership includes free public liability insurance to cover you in the classroom or the prep room, from practicals and school trips up to £10m.

Insurance information

This essential insurance cover is included as part of your ASE membership and will protect you in your professional capacity this includes public liability, for example an accident in a lab and also any personal possessions including clothing damaged by practical work. 

1)   Public liability

The cover applies to all individual members, including trainee members[1] and will apply to any work in classrooms, laboratories, factory/workplace visits (excluding work experience), link courses at Further Education colleges, or outings/field trips although there is a condition on the policy that the member running an outing/field trip is suitably qualified to do so and that there is no manual work involved.[2] 

The ASE has special arrangements with Aviva so that you, the member, have the protection of insurance cover up to £10,000,000 in case of awards against you arising from your legal liability in respect of claims for death, injury, illness or loss of, or damage to, property of students and others resulting from events occurring whilst carrying out your professional duties, including extramural activities.

The insurance will protect you in your professional capacity anywhere in the world should you have to defend allegations of negligence causing death, injury, illness or damage to property. The policy operates on a worldwide basis and indemnifies all individual members normally resident in the UK. Additionally, cover provides for a member’s representation, legal costs and other expenses arising from criminal prosecution if awarded against the member.  Fines and Penalties are not included.

2)   Personal Effects

The Business All Risks section of the ASE policy with Aviva provides cover in respect of loss of or damage to member’s personal effects arising out of the course of their professional duties, subject to an excess of the first £50 of each claim.[3] The policy is subject to a policy/claim limit of £250 per member in respect of loss of or damage to personal effects and £50 per member in respect of loss of money. The policy is specifically extended to include damage to clothing caused by acid burns or chemicals provided that suitable protective clothing is worn.

A full copy of the policy terms and conditions is available on request from ASE.


[1] Members who are resident outside of the UK and corporate or school members are excluded

[2] Please note that certain extra-curricular hazardous activities are excluded as follows; Canoeing on white or tidal water, Climbing or mountaineering which requires the use of special equipment or guides, Abseiling, Caving, potholing or visits to mines, Skiing or parachuting. 

[3] Cover applies to all individual members, including overseas members whilst temporarily in the UK but specifically excludes the property of student members.

The Insurers (Aviva Insurance) will not provide cover for:
o    any liability for which indemnity is provided by another insurance policy.
o    Bodily Injury to any pupil or student:

- as a result of his or her inexperience or physical inability to carry out advice or instruction given by, or on behalf of, You i.e. The Insured / Policyholder.

- while
•    canoeing on white or tidal water.
•    climbing or mountaineering which requires the use of special mountaineering equipment or guides.
•    abseiling.
•    in caves, mines or potholes.
•    skiing or parachuting.
o    manual work undertaken by You (i.e. The Insured / Policyholder) or pupils or students under Your control away from the school or college premises.

How to Claim 

Members having to claim under this benefit should notify ASE Headquarters immediately the loss or damage is discovered. A form will then be issued on which full particulars of the claim can be submitted.

Contact:  ASE, College Lane, Hatfield AL10 9AA. 
Tel: 01707 283000           


Extract on ‘Public and Products Liability’ Insurance

Schools & Colleges - Part A
(1)  We will provide cover to The Insured for
a. visits or trips within The Defined Territories for the purposes of i. playing or practising sports or games ii.  non-residential
        *   factory or workplace visits but not work experience schemes
        *   link courses at colleges of further education
        *   outings or field trips, provided they are supervised by teacher who holds current, suitable qualifications, which do not involve manual work.
b. the use of radioactive substances for teaching provided the teacher concerned holds the appropriate certificate in accordance with Government requirements.
c. Products Supplied (other than motor vehicles) or services provided the proceeds go to school or college or charity fund
d. the organisation of extra curricular activities or youth organisations (other than cadets) provided these are open only to Your pupils or students.