Our Staff

Head Office Staff

Hannah Russell - Chief Executive

Suzanne Dickinson - Office Manager

Suzanne assists the Chief Executive, deals with the HR requirements and manages the office including all office provision, building services and the governance of all committees and specialist Groups. She is also the Registers administrator (CSciTeach, RSci and RSciTech).

Angela Buckland - Conferences & Events Manager

Angela manages the larger ASE conferences as well as the Annual Conference, and has over 14 years experience of managing science CPD events. She works closely with the committees to promote ASE events and supports a variety of projects.

Katherine Gisby - Events, Exhibition and Sponsorship Officer

Katherine coordinates ASE's conference exhibitions, liaises with a variety of stakeholders regarding sponsorship opportunities and offers general admin support for ASE events

Marianne Cutler - Director, Curriculum Innovation

Marianne has overall responsibility for curriculum support, publications and projects. She works closely with ASE committees and manages professional development projects.

Karen Shoebottom - Projects Manager

Karen supports the overall development and implementation of projects with Marianne Cutler. She also administers the Library Journal Subscriptions on behalf of Membership.

Sarah Longshaw - Projects Lead

Sarah, together with Rob Butler, oversees recruitment and co-ordination of CPD for the Keeping Science Practical project, as well as overseeing project finance and communications.

Rebecca Dixon-Watmough - Business Liaison Manager

Rebecca has overall responsibility for schoolscience.co.uk, the ASE Green Tick Evaluation scheme and advertising in the ASE promotional media. She works closely with industry and ASE Committees in producing and promoting teaching and learning material, by identifying and expanding new business opportunities.

Natasha Cobbold - Business Support Assistant

Natasha assists the Business Liaison Manager with all administrative tasks for schoolscience.co.uk, ASE Green Tick Evaluations as well as co-ordination of coprorate partnerships and new business opportunities.

Laura Townsend - Head of Booksales and IT Lead

Laura is responsible for commissioning new titles for ASE and Millgate, overseeing booksales and has taken over running ASE Book of the Year. She also offers IT support and coordinates with ASE developers.



Karen Dyer - Publications Production Manager 

Karen has many years experience working in the publishing industry and manages the production of journals; Education is Science, Primary Science and Science Teacher Education, as well as new ASE and Millgate books

Jane Hanrott - Copy Editor and Proofreader

As well as copy editing and proofing Education in Science, Journal of Emergent Science, Science Teacher Education, ASE International, and ASE/Millgate books, Jane co-ordinates the publication of School Science Review

Pauline O’Connor - Publishing Assistant

Laura Rafferty - Director of Finance & Operations 

Laura oversees the overall financial management of of the ASE and Millgate including budgeting, management accounts, cost control and income generation, cash flow forecasts, risk review & insurance.

Deepa Davies - Head of Finance

Deepa has more than 10 years’ experience of working in the financial sector. She is responsible for all the necessary financial procedures to ensure income and expenditure are properly recorded on a day-to-day basis.

Alistair Strayton - Head of Communications, Marketing and Member Engagement

Head of our marketing team, Alistair has responsibility for leading on all internal and external communications, marketing and member engagement activities - as well as special projects

Emilija Guzauskaite - Marketing Editor and Events Lead

Emilija leads on marketing around events and conferences, as well as taking a key role in general marketing, social media and communcations activitites

Melanie Bennett - Membership Administrator

Melanie is responsible for managing membership including enquiries and maintaining databases

Our Field Officer Network

Frances Evans CSciTeach -  Field Officer Co-ordinator, Southern Regions Field Officer, Professional Registers Registrar 

Frances taught in schools and FE before taking on various senior roles. She left full time teaching in 2010 after 33 years and became an ASE Field Officer in 2011. Frances helps enhance teaching and learning in science through supporting teachers and technicians through ASE activities . In her role as Field Officer, she helps inspiring practioners share their expertise more widely.

Cerian Angharad CSciTeach - Field Officer Cymru/Wales

Cerian has been a science teacher since 1993 and a Field Officer since 2004. She coordinates a range of events for science teachers in Wales including TeachMeets, workshops supporting PGCE students and teacher conferences - providing high quality opportunities across Wales to enthuse and encourage interests in science.

Rob Butler CSciTeach Projects Lead and Field Officer East Midlands & Yorkshire + the Humber  

Rob taught secondary science for over twenty years in both mainstream and special education settings. Rob has also previously supported schools across the region as part of the local authority and continues to do this with partners of the ASE. Rob is a long serving member of the ASE and is passionate about all students receiving quality science education, and educators receiving recognition for this through the ASE/Science Council.

Dr Gaynor Sharp CSciTeach - Field Officer, West Midlands

Gaynor gets involved with members through TeachMeets, teacher newsletters and running CPD events using the resources from the RAEng. Gaynor collaborates with the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers and give grants to schools on their behalf.

Fergus Hegarty - Field Officer, North of England

Fergus aims to build on the great dedication and fantastic work across the region; in the conurbations and across our many rural areas, providing opportunities for every member to feel involved.

Michelle Ryan - Field Officer, Northern Ireland

Michelle is involved in the regional STEM agenda and ensure members' views are represented. She works with teachers, technicians and educational organisations to strengthen STEM within her region. Her key objectives are to continue to campaign for primary science and provide a programme of high quality regional CPD events.

Tess Watson – Field Officer, Scotland

Tess has 18 years of experience working in Scottish Education and in addition to her role as Field Officer for Scotland, is a Science Teacher and Freelance Educationalist.  

Steve Savill - Field Officer, South West of England

Over 4 years as Team Leader Monitor OCR Practical Endorsement, previous Head of Sixth Form and a Biology Teacher.