Essential books for trainees and NQTs

With the challenges presented by the current coronavirus pandemic, our field officers have put together a collection of five key books to help trainees and newly qualified teachers continue developing their teaching skills at this difficult time. This collection illustrates a wide range of topics including the exploration of classroom learning, subject-specific curriculum thinking and safe practical science which are key at the start of any science education career.

Whatever the aims of your CPD reading there is something for everyone, from those looking to improve subject understanding and practical expertise to those wishing to delve more deeply into evidence-informed practice and science education writing.

If these books catch your eye and you would like to get them at a hefty 50% discount or some for an even lower student member price, please consider joining the ASE for as little as £24 for your first year of trainee membership.

Subject-specific recommendations

Teaching Secondary Biology 2nd Edition

RRP £21.99
ASE Member Price £18.69

This book will provide invaluable support whether you are a newly-qualified science teacher, an experienced teacher of biology who wants to extend the range of strategies and approaches used, a chemist or physicist who has to teach biology, or a student training to be a teacher. Each chapter covers a broad section of the curriculum and is divided into topics.

Teaching Secondary Chemistry 2nd Edition

RRP £21.99
ASE Member Price £18.69

This second edition reflects changes in curricula, ideas from recent curriculum development projects, and the current availability of ICT. This book draws on the experienced of a wide range of teachers and those involved in science education. It has been produced as part of the Association for Science Education’s commitment to supporting science teachers by disseminating best practice and new ideas to enhance teaching.

Teaching Secondary Physics 2nd Edition

RRP £21.99
ASE Member Price £18.69

Essential reading for the specialist and non specialist alike who want to keep at the forefront of their subject. Topics in Teaching Secondary Physics include Energy; Sound, Light and Waves; Forces and more.

General recommendations

ASE Guide To Secondary Science Education 4th Edition

RRP £50.00
ASE Student Member Price £17.00

The 4th edition of this flagship ASE title aims to be a handbook to support science teachers and those working with them in and out of school, both at the start of their teaching careers and in years to come. It covers a wide range of topics, from considering why and how we might teach science, to engaging and motivating the diverse student community with whom we work, to how to mentor new colleagues.

Safeguards In The School Laboratory 12th Edition

RRP £40.00
Member price £20.00

The twelfth edition of this invaluable ASE publicatlon is intended for all those involved in 11-19 science education. It will be particularly useful for newly qualified and trainee teachers, new technicians and those seeking promotion to, or newly appointed as, heads of department, senior technicians, etc.dition of this invaluable ASE publlcatlon is intended for all those involved in 11-19 science education.