Inclusion in Science

What is the Inclusion in Science programme?


Inclusion in Science is an online CPD programme:

  • For teachers who recognise inclusion is key to addressing gaps in engagement and attainment they see for different groups of students.
  • For teachers who want to reflect and make changes so every student feels that science could be for them.
  • Is fully-funded by the DfE for teachers of KS 3/4/5 in state-funded schools in England.

Our impact

How does Inclusion in Science Work?

  • Six modules delivered over a 6 month period via six webinars and  three seminars
  • All sessions are online with many opportunities for discussion and interactive learning
  • Supporting workbook and resources to help implement learning
  • Every webinar and seminar is repeated throughout the week to accommodate teacher’s busy and changing schedules


Introduction to Inclusion


To learn the key concepts of equity, diversity and inclusion and their significance in an inclusive classroom.


 To be able to identify potential barriers to inclusion in your school and develop strategies for an inclusive culture.



Exploring Bias


To learn how unconscious bias might affect teaching, learning, students and their outcomes. ​

To be able to Identify strategies and thinking to mitigate the impact of unconscious biases on students.


Inclusive language


To learn the role that inclusive language can have​ in promoting positive messages​.


To be able to create a learning environment where students feel safe and have a sense of belonging.


Inclusive Practice in the Science Classroom

To learn strategies to make the classroom more inclusive and overcome barriers to inclusion.


To be able to use pedagogical approaches to increase engagement from all students.


Inclusion in the​ science curriculum


To learn how to create an inclusive curriculum which inspires young people and fosters a sense of belonging.​


To be able to create an inclusive curriculum where students are seen and valued.


Engaging young people to take science further


To learn how inclusive careers encounters can increase student engagement​.


To be able to able ensure careers encounters are all are inclusive, diverse, relevant and regular.