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Education in Science

Editor: Shaun Reason

Education in Science (EiS) is ASE's house magazine and four issues are published a year. It is a professional journal that shares information and expertise from science educators and the wider science education community including STEM. The magazine covers all phases of education from early years to post-16, as well as including material for teacher educators, student teachers, technicians, researchers, curriculum and professional developers, in the UK and worldwide. Articles include:

  • Topical issues in science education
  • New initiatives, projects and events
  • Letters and opinion pieces
  • Updates from ASE's committees and specialist groups

EiS Xtra


Readers of the ASE's in-house magazine can access additional material in between issues in EiSXtra (available digitally).

Some Education in Science articles are Open Access - this is indicated by the links that appear without the padlock icon. If you would like to access the full archive, join as a member online.

      Education in Science - 272Education in Science - 272

      This May 2018 issue of EiS includes a tribute to the work of Professor Stephen Hawking, along with two articles rooted in the outcomes of the 2018 ASE Annual Conference at Liverpool - one an early career teacher's view of the conference, and the other a roundup of sustainable development sessions. Also there are two linked articles looking at the same chemistry engagement initiative - one from a practitioner standpoint and one from a research perspective. We feature a report on the results of a survey of members' views on access to science-specific CPD. And plenty more!


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