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New to teaching: Small changes can produce big results!

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Megan Shenton, a final-year trainee teacher, describes using ‘The Big Question’ in her science teaching in a move away from objectives.

Developing EAL learners’ science conceptual understanding through visualisation

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: In the first of two articles, Mark Hainsworth shares some of the pedagogy and strategies that he has used to help EAL learners with their understanding of science concepts.


Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: - Primary science for trainee teachers, Judith Roden and James Archer, London: Learning Matters, 2014 - The story of space: Race to the Moon, Steve Parker, London: Franklin Watts, 2015 - Next time you see a …spiderweb, Emily Morgan, Arlington, VA: NSTA Kids, 2015

Contents and Editorial

Issue: November 2016 145

Author: Editor: Leigh Hoath

Extract: Perhaps the first caveat I should offer within this Focus on... is that I appreciate there are exceptions to the picture I am about to paint; the problem is there are not enough exceptions out there! As I talk to primary school teachers it never ceases to amaze me how often I hear about science being squeezed into the teaching time at some point in the week. Maths and literacy still dominate with science as the poor relation.

Science + Maths = a better understanding of science!

Issue: November 2016 145

Extract: Andy Markwick and Kris Clark highlight practical examples to offer a rationale for the application of mathematics in science and explore their intrinsic relationship.

Mathematics through experience

Issue: November 2016 145

Extract: Nedyalka Hristozova shares some examples from her Bulgarian project, ‘Mathematics Through Experience’, which approaches mathematics from a practical, real-life perspective in order to develop creative thinking: just like science!

Cornflour gloop and fizzy potions … making counting count!

Issue: November 2016 145

Extract: Emma Vanstone offers engaging activities and links with key stage 1 and early years maths and science – enjoy supporting learning in both subjects with these inspiring activities.

Science Swap Shop: Eggy investigations

Issue: November 2016 145

Extract: A four page pullout to copy or keep. Activities include: - Egg drop investigation (Ages 3-5) - Rolling eggs (Ages 5-7) - Keeping teeth healthy: Experimenting with eggs (ages 7-9) - How to remove the shell from an egg? (Ages 9-11)

The messy nature of science: famous scientists can help clear up

Issue: November 2016 145

Extract: Alex Sinclair and Amy Strachan explore approaches to scientific enquiry asking ‘Why bother with the scientists named in the National Curriculum?’

Bringing the zoo to you!

Issue: November 2016 145

Extract: Stephanie Pace looks at how the Zoological Society of London is using digital technology to bring the zoo to your classroom in a different approach to supporting learning and teaching

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