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Making the invisible visible: things aren't what they seem to be!

Issue: November 2017 150

Author: Rania Gikopoulou

Extract: Rania Gikopoulou describes how her 5th graders (age 11) learn about abstract phenomena through models of their microscopic structure.

Turning over a new leaf

Issue: November 2017 150

Author: Claire Walker

Extract: Claire Walker describes how one child's question created buzz and excitement leading to an engaging and productive investigation for her class.

2500 Primary Science Quality Marks: so what?

Issue: November 2017 150

Author: Jane Turner

Extract: PSQM Round 15 started in September 2017: Jane Turner outlines some of the exciting changes that came into effect.

Science on the doorstep

Issue: November 2017 150

Author: Annette Little and Andrew Christie

Extract: Annette Little and Andrew Christie use real-life events to enrich STEM experiences.

Keeping it in the family: bridging the home-school gap with science

Issue: November 2017 150

Author: Sally Dakin

Extract: Headteacher Sally Dakin discusses how increasing parental engagement can be achieved through science.


Issue: November 2017 150

Extract: - Ways into science: Everyday materials - Moving up with science: Forces and magnets - Animal superheroes - This little pebble


Issue: September 2017 149

Future Themes

Issue: September 2017 149

Focus media and science

Issue: September 2017 149

Author: Editor: Leigh Hoath

Extract: Social media is an increasing part of everyday life for many of us. I know that I use it both for work and personally. In the last 18 months, I have used Twitter with some enthusiasm and now feel part of a community within science education that I didn’t know existed before. At the Association for Science Education Annual Conference in January 2017 there was a gathering of ‘science enthusiasts’, many of whom had never met until that evening other than virtually. That specific network has grown into a close-knit support and friendship group. Support available professionally through social media and other specific online groups is remarkable. And with smartphones at our fingertips, there is access to these communities almost 24/7. As teachers and science teacher educators there has never been as much help, literally, at hand.


Issue: September 2017 149

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