Membership: join and pay

Membership of the ASE offers many benefits. By joining thousands of fellow educators in the ASE, you'll be securing invaluable support for your own professional development journey as well as enhancing our ability to effect genuine change in the sector.  


Membership type Cost
ASE Membership £45*
Technician Membership £25*
Student Teacher


First two years of membership free, 50% discount on ASE Membership for the third year of membership - £22.50

Institutional Membership  Variable - see Institutional Membership


*Journal add-ons: These prices exclude any journal add-ons you may wish to take out. All members receive our termly Education in Science journal as part of the membership fee. Three additional journals can be added to your membership for additional cost, as outlined below: 

  • Primary Science (PS): a themed journal for all those involved in primary science education for children aged 3-12. Priced at £19.99 p/a 
  • School Science Review (SSR): a themed journal that is split into two parts: SSR in Practice, a magazine-style, professionally reviewed journal focusing on science education in the classroom; and SSR in Depth, the ASE’s academically peer-reviewed journal for 11-19 science education. Priced at £29.99 p/a 
  • Science Teacher Education (STE): for all concerned with the pre-service education, induction and professional development of science teachers, including guidance for trainees in the classroom. Priced at £24.99 p/a 

Join and pay 

To join and pay for ASE membership there are two main options outlined below.  

Join and pay via direct debit    

  • Using this method you can either pay the full amount for a year’s membership, or you can opt to pay in monthly instalments.  
  • Your membership will automatically renew each year, with a renewal notification (with option to cancel) sent each year  


Join and pay via credit or debit card (or join as free Student Teacher)   

  • Using this method you will pay the full amount for a year’s membership  
  • You will receive an annual reminder, via the email you use to apply, to manually renew your membership each year  
  • You can also use the below form to apply for free Student Teacher membership, just choose that option from the drop down for membership type. 
  • Invoices are available upon payment via this form. The invoice will be emailed to the email address used within the form and you can enter a purchase order number if required.

If you have any questions about joining or paying for your membership, please contact