Primary Science Leaders' Survival Guide

Key topics for every Science Leader's survival! Exclusively for ASE Primary Members, the survival guide everything from assessment guidance to starting a STEM club.The purpose of this guide is to help you develop your subject leadership role and science in your school by tackling it one bit at a time. It contains practical advice from fellow professionals on all aspects of delivering science in primary schools. An essential 'how to' for new and experienced science leaders alike!

The Guide comprises of the following nine sections:

Section 1 Developing your school’s vision for science
Section 2 Leading science in your school
Section 3 Developing as a subject leader
Section 4 Managing and developing science Resources
Section 5 Working with others
Section 6 Teaching and learning
Section 7 Making effective use of assessment
Section 8 Enhancing science
*NEW* Section 9 Pupil attitudes to science

Current guides include:

  • How to run a CPD or staff inset session by David Church, Torridon Junior School
  • Mentoring Associate Teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers by David Allen
  • Running an action research science network by Joe Wilson, Eastbury Primary School
  • How to develop effective cross curricular links by Lois Kelly
  • How to develop a STEM curriculum by Nicola Waller
  • How to use topical science contexts by Paul Tyler
  • How to develop global links by Helen Topliss, Lostock Hall Primary School
  • How pupils can guide their own learning and how to use pupil voice by Lucy Wood

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