Archive for ASE International Journal

ASE International was our online journal for international members of the Association for Science Education (ASE). We are no longer producing international articles in a separate journal but continue to feature international content throughout our other journals (Education in Science, SSR, Primary Science, STE and Journal of Emergent Science), which are all available for members, either included with membership, open access or available for an add on fee. 

We still welcome ideas for articles touching on teaching of science in a global sense to these journals.

We've retained our archive of previous editions which you can access below. The content for the journals was a mixture of previously published articles from the other ASE journals and original material concerning the teaching of science in a global sense.


Discussing topical issues in science education

Addressing pedagogical challenges in science education from practitioners' perspectives

Learning from the ASE Annual Conference

SEND inclusion and mental health

Distance education and play for learning

Climate education and sustainability

Practical science


Science capital and COVID-19

Teaching and learning science in unusual times..